“Education is Empowerment”:
Ruth Wing Morgan ’50, ’60 MA

Ruth Wing Morgan '50, '60 MA in her yearbook photograph

Ruth Wing Morgan ’50, ’60 MA in her yearbook photograph

Ruth Wing Morgan ’50, ’60 MA knows the enduring value of education. She and her late husband Thomas were both English teachers at Lincoln High School in Jersey City, their hometown, for more than 30 years. “I really enjoyed teaching and found it very rewarding,” says Mrs. Morgan.

She has made a bequest in her will that will continue to fund the Thomas J. and Ruth W. Morgan Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving student from Jersey City attending Montclair State University. She established the scholarship in 2006 and makes annual gifts to the fund so that the scholarship can be awarded during her lifetime. “Education is empowerment,” Mrs. Morgan says. “When you are educated, you become capable and further your abilities to get ahead.”

“The scholarship was priceless,” says Patricia Stepniak ’12, the first Morgan Scholar, who is now a preschool teacher in Jersey City. “Without it, I would not have been able to afford more than a year’s worth of tuition. I was able to completely focus on my education.”

“The Morgan Scholarship is a gift that keeps giving,” Mrs. Morgan says proudly. “Tom and I taught many young people in high school, and now we can financially help deserving students to further their education.”

Mrs. Morgan chose to fund her scholarship immediately because she “wanted the gift to have a human factor,” she shares. “To be able to fund a scholarship during one’s lifetime is especially meaningful.”